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SEO Strategies to Rank in Google’s Featured Snippets

The highlighted snippet is often considered to be one of the most coveted positions on the sites that contain search engine results. They make it easier for your website to quickly get to the top of search results, even if it would be placed lower on the first page using featured snippets.

What is a featured snippet?

A two- or three-sentence summary of the content is referred to as a highlighted snippet, and it may be found at the very top of the search results page provided by Google. The snippets that are emphasised in the search results are created with the intention of providing an instant answer to a query posed by a user. If your page is chosen to be highlighted as a featured snippet, you can see a large uptick in the number of people viewing it.

The types of featured snippets

There are several variations of highlighted text to choose from. The first step in developing a strategy to optimise your content for each kind is to identify those types. The most common variations of highlighted snippets are broken down below for your perusal.


The most common kind of highlighted snippet is one that comes from a paragraph and often consists of two or three phrases extracted directly from the HTML element.


It is possible to produce a bulleted or numbered list with the HTML element ol> or the element ul>, but not with both.


Data taken from a table element within an HTML document. This is a really peculiar example of a featured snippet.

featured snippets

SEO Strategies to Rank

It is important to keep in mind that the Featured Snippet is not a ranking factor; as a result, there is no assurance that adhering to these guidelines will result in improved ranks. If you employ these strategies, however, you will increase your chances of getting included in Featured Snippets and will see an increase in the number of hits you receive.

Utilizing Google’s Featured Snippets is an excellent method for increasing the exposure of your business as well as generating new users to your website. The following strategies for SEO might be utilised in order to access Featured Snippets:

  • Develop material that is optimised for highlighted snippets by: The majority of the content that appears in Google’s Featured Snippets comes from structured information such as tables, lists, and definitions. To increase the likelihood of your content being selected as a Featured Snippet by Google, format it in a way that is beneficial to the search engine.
  • Make use of structured data: Schema markup and other forms of structured data can improve Google’s ability to interpret the information presented on your website, which in turn improves your chances of having relevant results displayed in Featured Snippets. Featured Snippets are a type of search result that appears at the top of a Google search.
  • Conduct study on the type of language used in Featured Snippets in order to better optimise your content for specific keywords.
  • Be sure that your content is appealing to readers, that it has been thoroughly researched, and that it offers them something of value; Google will only highlight information that is of high quality and pertinent in Featured Snippets.
  • If you want to optimise your content for voice search, you should make sure that it is written in a conversational tone and that it includes long-tail keywords. Featured snippets are usually utilised for the results of voice search.
  • Utilize Google Search Console and other tools of a similar nature in order to monitor your rankings and determine which of your pages are being given the highlighted snippet treatment.
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FAQ’s about Featured Snippets

  • What have featured snippets?

Featured snippets are expanded search results that answer the user’s question at the top. Featured snippets might be lists, paragraphs, or charts.

  • Do I have to pay for featured snippets?

No, it’s not an advertisement; Google just highlights the results it considers to be the most useful.


Keeping up with Google is full-time work. Highlighted portions remain. Featured snippet pages are dominating SERPs. Most SERPs display more than links as their initial item. Featured snippets show at the top of search results without advertisements. Ranking for highlighted snippets boosts traffic, conversions, and competitiveness.

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